Rolls-Royce Holdings plc Annual Report 2014

Better Power for a changing world

Group at a Glance

A High-Value Global Business

The Group is organised into two Divisions: Aerospace and Land & Sea.

Employees (Year Average) 54,100
Order book £73.7bn
Invested in R&D £1.2bn
Engineers (Year End) 15,500
Countries 50+
Patents applied for 600

Underlying group revenue

Pie chart of Underlying group revenue.
  • Aerospace 61%
  • Land & Sea 39%

Underlying group revenue


Underlying group profit before tax


The Aerospace Division is a leading producer of aero engines for large civil aircraft and corporate jets. We are the second largest provider of defence aero engines and services in the world.

We power more than 50 types of aircraft across civil and defence markets and have over 29,000 engines in service.

Civil Aerospace

Underlying Revenue Mix

Pie chart of Civil Aerospace Underlying Revenue Mix.
  • OE revenue 48%
  • Services revenue 52%

Underlying Revenue


Underlying profit

Defence Aerospace

Underlying Revenue Mix

Pie chart of Underlying Revenue Mix.
  • OE revenue 39%
  • Services revenue 61%

Underlying revenue


Underlying profit


The Land & Sea Division comprises Power Systems, Marine and Nuclear.

Our Power Systems business includes the world-renowned MTU range of reciprocating engines. Marine has equipment installed on over 25,000 vessels.

We have a growing civil nuclear business and
have 55 years of
experience in nuclear
submarine propulsion.

Better power for a Changing World

Our vision is to create better power for a changing world.

We do this by developing world-leading technology, producing highly efficient products and providing through-life services in each of our chosen markets.

Our world is changing, the climate is altering and populations are increasing. We need more power
but not at any cost to society. The world needs
better power.

Rolls-Royce is committed to research and technology in order to develop innovative and advanced power systems that can help.

Our vision is to deliver better power for a changing world. The following pages illustrate how we are doing this in the air, on land and at sea.

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